Rattie Nonnie

October 23, 2014​   -   June 1, 2017

I had to say goodbye to my best friend and companion when Nonnie's little lungs, damaged from chronic respiratory disease, could no longer support her and she had to be put to sleep. She was a fighter. Nonnie had cataracts in one eye, was partially deaf, survived two mammary tumor surgeries, and lived through a year and a half of intensive respiratory treatments for mycoplasma pulmonis, which included hundreds of doses of antibiotics, weekly injections, countless hours in a nebulizing chamber and dozens of trips to see Dr. Bean, her very dedicated vet. 

Nonnie sat on my shoulder for walks, rode in my hooded sweatshirt on trips to the vet, slept soundly with me when I let her spend the night, and came to me whenever I called her name. 

On her last day with me, Nonnie woke me from my nap by licking my nose. I petted her while she lay next to me and we both fell back asleep. A few hours later, she woke me again and I could tell she was not okay. It was the last nap we ever took together. Even as I write this, three months after she passed, my heart aches and I can't fight back tears. I miss her so, so badly. She was my last living rat friend.

Rattie Nonnie's bio as it was written before her death:

Rattie Nonnie is our most daring and loving rat. Jumping dividers in a single bound, climbing curtains, and escaping to hide under the kitchen counter are all in a day's work for her.  


We found Nonnie in a pet store. She was all alone in the glass cage and looked scared. A young girl, who had rats of her own, worked there and assured us she gave this little one the attention she deserved when she could. She also said the little rat's sister was "in the back with respiratory problems." We already had our two older girls, Surf and Skittle, but our heart went out to her and we brought her home.  


Nonnie has only become sweeter and cuddlier as she has settled in and grown. She is smart, agile, and loves bananas, Yogies, and grooming her owners.

Mr. Bender

January 15, 2015   -   May 13, 2017

Mr. Bender crossed the Rainbow Bridge after an acute onset of respiratory distress which did not respond to emergency treatment. The distress resulted from damage to his lungs caused by carrying mycoplasma pulmonis, a bacteria which cannot be eradicated by antibiotics in rats.

Mr. Bender was a gentle giant who went from living a solitary life to a having three sisters. He loved them all, but it was obvious he loved Honey the Rat the most. When she joined our clan, he followed her wherever she went and his favorite place to nap was anywhere Honey the Rat napped. Mr. Bender gladly finished his sisters' leftovers and would watch over the world calmly from his perch on top of the cage. 

Mr. Bender's bio as it was written before his death:

Mr. Bender is our only boy who we found on Craigslist, where his owner, who only had him a month, listed him and his cage for sale. I offered to take Mr. Bender and promised to give him a good home and she agreed.   


Mr. Bender grew up in a pet store before his first owner adopted him and we aren't exactly sure when he was born. He is a dumbo rat and is almost too cute to be a boy!  

After visiting the ASPCA for a neuter, Mr. Bender has become fast pals with his cage mates and is the go-to guy when one of them needs a gentle cuddle buddy if they aren't feeling well. Mr. Bender is a good boy who loves to nap, but always comes quickly for "treatie time."

Rattie Miso

December 30, 2014   -   March 24, 2017

A month before her second birthday, Rattie Miso had major surgery to remove four mammary tumors; she was a brave rattie and recovered quickly. Shortly after her recovery, she developed symptoms of a pituitary tumor. With the help of medication, Miso's condition was stabilized until March of 2017, when her health took an obvious turn for the worse and she had to be put to sleep. 


Rattie Miso grew from a hyper baby to a loving companion. Miso ate sunflower seeds while she lay on my chest, took naps under the blankets at my feet, and nuzzled against my cheek when she needed comfort. She had bright blue eyes, a shiny black coat and was shaped like a beautiful potato. I miss her so badly.


Rattie Miso's bio as it was written before her death:

We adopted Miso from a family who adopted her mom, a rescue rat, when she was pregnant.


I was impressed with Miso's outgoing, adventurous personality. Miso was so affectionate when she came home with us that it took a week for her cage mates to get used to the little space invader. It was heartbreaking to watch her watch them and I knew all she wanted was be close to her new sisters. The morning I found all of them sleeping in the same hammock, I rejoiced!


Miso has shown the propensity to be a real hood rat and has enjoyed several trips from home. When not jet setting, Miso enjoys snoozing in her hammock, chewing on everything, and outrunning the camera.

Honey the Rat

October 15, 2014 - December 2, 2016

Honey the Rat crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a pituitary tumor took her ability to balance, and eat and drink on her own.


In her short time at our home, we bonded deeply with her. Honey the Rat was an advanced cuddler, a fearless vacuum chaser, and she led Mr. Bender on daily adventures of mischief. Her upbeat personality and sweet cuddles are profoundly missed. 

Honey the Rat's bio as it written before her death:

Honey the Rat came to our home at 18 months old when her cage mate, Sugar, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, leaving Honey alone in her cage. A family friend asked if we would be willing to adopt her and we took her home immediately!

From the first day she came home, Honey has been immensely trusting. She loves to fall asleep next to her humans and relishes the sunflower seeds we feed her. Honey has made fast friends with Mr. Bender, who keeps her warm with his big-boy cuddles at night.


Honey the Rat has shown herself to be affectionate and sweet, just like her name. She enjoys exploring cardboard boxes, eating whatever her humans have on their plates and chasing the vacuum.

Tigger aka Kitty

May 15, 2001 - June 9, 2016

After a very long life, Kitty developed neurological problems which limited her ability to move her rear legs and she was put to sleep when her quality of life was such that she could no longer care for herself.

Tigger's bio as it was written before her death:

Tigger (who is called Kitty) is the oldest of all our pets. She lives outside in an insulated and heated cat house with real wood tongue and groove siding. 


Kitty started her life with a feral mom, but is friendly and loving towards her family. Kitty is a staple around the household and spends her days lazing in the sun and meowing. Her favorite treat is a bowl of ice water on a warm day or little cubes of cheddar cheese hand fed to her by her family.

Rattie Skittle

November 8, 2013 - November 2, 2015

Rattie Skittle crossed the Rainbow Bridge one week shy of her second birthday. She was put to sleep when a pituitary tumor took her ability to balance, eat and drink on her own and, eventually, to simply walk.   


Rattie Skittle was a friendly, loveable companion who started out as a scared baby in a pet shop and progressed into a motherly cage mate. Her sweet kisses will be deeply missed.


Rattie Skittle's bio as it was written before her death:  


Rattie Skittle is one of our "old ladies," although, at her age, she doesn't look a day over a year old. We've always called her "Skittish Skittle" because she was so slow to warm up to her humans, but since she has, she excels in looking cute, sleeping, and giving the occasional cuddle.  


We found Skittle in a pet store just before Christmas, along with her sister Surf. When the pet store associate rolled out the glass cage of baby rat sisters huddled in a corner, I felt so sorry for them. Skittle, true to her future name, was huddled in the corner and tried to escape when I picked her up. It took a long time to build up the trust she never had a chance to develop where ever she came from.  


Skittle has become a wonderful, smart, and gentle rat. She is a motherly groomer of her cage mates, enjoys fresh vegetables, and delights in playing with Baby Miso.

Rattie Surf

November 8, 2013   -   July 24, 2015

Rattie Surf succumbed to her mammary tumor in July of 2015, when she was put to sleep after her quality of life was no longer what it was because of her mobility difficulties.


Rattie Surf was an intelligent, loving and gentle friend. We were with her until her very last breath and held her as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a beautiful soul and she is deeply missed.


Rattie Surf's bio as it was written before her death:


Rattie Surf is our other "old lady" in the truest sense of the word. An average day for Rattie Surf is breakfast, rest, lunch, rest, and dinner...followed by more rest.


We found Surf, along with Skittle, her sister, in the pet store. Surf immediately stood out because she was the only rat baby wandering around the cage, nibbling at the water bottle and walking on her sisters to stand with her paws against the glass. She was our first choice from the litter because she was bravest among them all.


Surf is our cuddliest rat and will sit still for minutes at a time while we scratch her head and back. She enjoys treats, napping under the recliner, and licking shower water from under the shower curtain.

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Gone But Not Forgotten