Why should you have your pet rat spayed and how much does a spay for a pet rat cost?

I knew when we took Rattie Surf and Rattie Skittle home ($8 per rat), there were going to be hidden expenses because pet rats are considered "exotic pets."

I have taken those two to the vet twice in the last six months. The first trip, for both Rattie Surf and Rattie Skittle together, was $225. The second trip, for Rattie Surf only, was $225. I had no idea owning a pet rat could be so expensive! Because of this, I want to share my experience with my rats' health and quote some specific prices from my exotic pet vet to give a general idea of the costs. Costs can vary widely by location and vet. Please don't rely on my vet's quotes as the industry standard; call your vet for their costs. We live in Virginia, on the East Coast of the United States, in a large city.

You can see Rattie Surf's mammary tumor on the right side of her belly.

Why should you have your pet rat spayed?

In my last blog post about Rattie Surf's trip to the vet, I quoted my vet as saying one of the leading causes of death in female rats is tumors. There are many medical papers on the effects of diet and spaying on a rat's development of tumors. In short, low fat diets and early spaying combine to prevent or delay tumors in female pet rats.

In addition, if you compare the cost of a spay (about $300 in my quote, below) vs. the quote to remove the tumor ($900-$1000 at my vet, although I have read others have received much lower estimates in different areas of the U.S.), the spay could end up saving you money and premature heart break when your pet rat develops a tumor.

How much does a spay for a pet rat cost?

The total estimated cost for a pet rat spay is between $287 and $308.

Have you had your pet rat spayed? How much did it cost? Has your pet rat had a tumor? Please share your experiences with me by commenting below. We all have things to learn from one another!

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