Rat Games - Pea Fishing: Games you can play with your rat! [Video]

My pet rats' favorite game ever is pea fishing! It's a great way to cool off in the summer and a fun way to encourage water play. We play this game all year round, I just make sure they are warm and dry when we're done in the cooler months.

How to play:

1. Get a large shallow container. If the container is smaller, it will need to be heavy to prevent the container from tipping when rats sit on the edge.

2. Fill with cool water; in the winter, I make it a bit warmer. (Less water for beginner games; deeper water for more experienced players.)

3. Add many frozen peas.

4. Place container on the floor and protect delicate flooring with a towel.

5. Add your ratties! (Beginners might need a demonstration from their human.)

Here are my little girls enjoying an evening of pea fishing:

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