Product Review: Cutest Stuffed Fancy Rat from Morumoto Plushies Etsy Store

For my Tiny Tails Hammocks Etsy Store, where I create unique cage hammocks for small animals, I needed a model to patiently pose in the hammocks for listing pictures. Naturally, my pet rats hardly ever sit still for me to cuddle them, let alone for a decent photograph, so I opted to purchase a stuffed one.

My criteria seemed easy enough: a life-sized, somewhat realistic pet rat plushie which was affordable and cute, but I had a heck of a time finding one! All were either very expensive, very ugly, or didn't look anything like my adorable fancy rats.

I stumbled upon Morumoto Plushies in an Etsy search and she had everything I was looking for! The store was based in the United States, had a 5-star feedback rating, and sold life-sized, affordable, and very adorable stuffed fancy rats!

(Morumoto Plushies also had guinea pigs and albino rats!)

After going back and forth between the store's listings, I settled on a solid white fancy rat. Since the plushies are made to order, it took about a week for my order to be sent out.

My package arrived quickly via USPS and my fancy rat plushie was nestled safely in tissue paper inside a small box. My order came with a hand written thank you note and a little "cookie" treat for my plushie!

This little rat was indeed the size of an adult fancy rat. The tail was pink and realistic. She had shiny black eyes and clear whiskers that stood out. Her fur was soft and her little feet had sewn "toes." The plushie was about $20, which included shipping, and it was a good value for what I received.

I absolutely recommend the Morumoto Plushies Etsy Store for a unique plushie gift for the pet rat or small animal enthusiast on your list!

Thank you for reading,


Tiny Tails

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