Pet Rat Start-Up: How Much Will It Cost to Buy My Pet Rats and Their Supplies? [Video]

It can be deceptive when you see those tiny, precious faces behind the glass. You might think, "They need a cage, some food, a water bottle, and a few toys. How expensive can it be?"

Trust training your pet rats is an important step to develop confident and healthy companions

I hope I can open your eyes to how much it actually costs to adopt your first pair of pet rats without having any existing supplies. Don't let the low price tag on those little guys fool you into thinking a pet rat is inexpensive to keep!

When I adopted my first two pet rats from Petsmart, I had not owned a small pet in some time and had to purchase all the supplies to care for them. (Note: Being more informed now, I do not recommend you adopt your rat from a pet store, but that is a blog for a different day.) I am not recommending these particular products; they just happen to be what I purchased for my new pet rats!

Pet Rat Start-Up Supplies:

Two Female Rats $10.99 (You always want a pair, at least; they are social animals.)

Cage Items:

Kaytee Multi-Level Exotics Cage $114.99

Kaytee Pet Chew Proof Bottle, Small $4.99

Fleece (Shelf covers/nesting material) $15.00

Living World Ergonomic Dish (Water) $3.49

Living World Ergonomic Dish (Food) $6.95

All Things Living Rope Bird Perch $9.99

WARE Tunnel of Fun $4.99

Super Pet Small Pet Igloo $6.99

Two Corner Litter Pans $15.98

Litter Pellets $6.99

Binder clips $6.99

Four hammocks (made my own) $16.00

Carabiners for hammocks $5.00

Hartz Nodor Cage Wipes $3.77

Food Items:

Oxbow Essentials Mouse and Young Rat Food (2lb bag) $13.99

Rat Treats $3.99

All Things Living Chew Sticks $2.99


Super Pet Runabout Small Animal Ball $24.99

Plastic balls $1.99

Total: $281.06

This is not an exaggeration of the costs! There are, however, ways to save on pet rat start-up costs. For instance, some of the items I purchased for them were unnecessary and some could have been bought used or made at home.

Pet rats are considered exotic pets and will take up a considerable amount of time and monetary resources, especially if one becomes sick. Pet rats are absolutely worth it though and, in the end, you will receive your monetary investment back from them in love and companionship tenfold.

Stay tuned for future blogs with ideas on how to save and take great care of your pet rats!

Thank you for reading,


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