Meet My Pet Rat Mylo!

Pet Rat Mylo

Hello, I'm Mylo.

I am a four-month old husky/roan rat (Our breed is known by both names.). I was black, brown and white when I was born, and now I am only brown and white. When I grow up, my fur will fade to white or almost all white!!

I have four brothers: Oliver, Ozkarr, PipSqueak and Cozmo. I was rescued from a snake food breeder. It shattered my mom's heart to know I could be snake food, so she rescued me.

When she brought me home, I was about the size of a Chapstick tube, if even. I was so bijou (as my mom called it), she contemplated naming me that, but she already had the name Mylo in her heart. I didn't think bijou was really a good name for a rat, just a word, and I'm much more than a word, so I'm glad she chose Mylo instead!

Pet Rat Mylo

Every day my mom gives my brothers and I fresh veggies and protein, like

chicken or ham. Sometimes we get some of what she is eating, because we stare at her with huge ratty eyes until she feeds us. I mean...only my brothers do, I would never manipulate my mom like that.

Pet Rat Mylo

I spend most of my morning eating and chilling in my hammock or in a big pile of bedding or, sometimes, in one of my many boxes. My mom does schoolwork during the day, but she feeds us a snack around noon. In the evening, she feeds us fruits and healthy snacks, then we can go out to play. We are lucky and get to stay out for a few hours. Mom is totally annoying during playtime though; she is always taking pictures of us!

Another annoying thing mom does is wreck our cage every Sunday! She comes in and cleans EVERYTHING and makes it smell "really good." Who does she think she is? Our cage was perfect before, then she ruined it. (Time to rearrange some things after she goes to bed.)

Nighttime is our cage playtime. Sometimes, when I try to play with my brothers, she tells us not to do that because we make "too much noise” or it's six a.m. and she's "trying to sleep.” Well excuse us! Who sleeps at night anyway?!

@therattypack and her pet rats

As you can see, being a rat is really hard and stressful! Mom helps us though, and we all love her, but I love her the most!


Cassidy Knudsen is a fourteen year-old rat lover who lives in Texas. When not being an exemplary student and taking care of her five pet rats, Cassidy enjoys photography and cooking vegan dishes and sweets.

Cassidy has owned rats since 2008 and welcomes all rat lovers to follow her on Instagram @therattypack.

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