Respiratory Infection Gone! Aggressive Treatment Knocked It Out!

This is Part 2 of a blog about Rattie Nonnie's respiratory infection. You

can read Part 1 by clicking HERE.

My pet rat Nonnie looking over the cage shelf showing off her beautiful whiskers

On December 8th, I realized Rattie Nonnie, my pet rat, had a respiratory infection. On December 9th, less than 24-hours later, she was in the veterinarian's office.

Doctor Bean, who is an experienced exotics vet, chose an aggressive treatment of four antibiotic injections, an oral antibiotic, and an oral anti-inflammatory.

The Road to Nonnie's Recovery

Rattie Nonnie responded to treatment immediately. She was lucky to have an owner who checked on her health daily and she was lucky to have an experienced vet who treated her fairly minor respiratory infection like it was a big deal.

I am lucky too. I'm lucky I caught it early and I'm lucky to have such a good vet clinic on speed dial.

A recommendation to all the new pet rat owners out there (or any small exotic animal at that), if you don't already have a relationship with a veterinary office which deals with exotic pets (and your pet type specifically) on a regular basis, start your search before the emergency. Look at the online reviews and see what other people have to say. Did they say it was relatively inexpensive and they were satisfied? Great. Did they say the practice was a little expensive, but they've been seeing their rats for ages? Even better. I recommend you sacrifice an extra $20 or $30 for the office visit to see the most qualified vet. I made the mistake of going cheap with another rat and, although her disease was inoperable and could not have been reversed, I would have felt much better had I had her correct diagnosis from the experienced veterinarian early on. It would have made a world of difference in how she and I spent those last few "good" days.

My pet rat Nonnie after her exhausting trip to the vet

Rattie Nonnie's recovery was easy. She took her medicine with a frown twice a day and she endured a series of four injections. Within a couple of days of her first injection, she showed no symptoms of sickness and breathed without difficulty.

The Final Check-up

When we returned to the veterinarian on December 30th, she was seen by Doctor Hull. Dr. Hull marveled that Nonnie had recovered so completely and showed no signs she ever had a respiratory infection. He checked the treatment plan outlined by Dr. Bean and said Nonnie's plan was aggressive, but appropriate. He said the treatment plan and very early detection and intervention are the reason she recovered so quickly and completely.

Dr. Hull suggested I keep a close eye on her in the future and if she shows symptoms I should make an appointment immediately so they can start her on another round of antibiotics.

I love my little Nonnie and I am so glad she is okay.

See below for a breakdown of the veterinary costs for the duration of her treatment.

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*Verterinary Fee Breakdown*

Vet Fees (December 9th; Initial Visit):

$59.50 Exam fee

$28.50 Doxycycline injection

$ 6.00 OSHA biomedical waste fee

$33.71 Metacam

$19.00 Baytril

$146.71 Total

Vet Fees (December 17th; Follow-up):

$34.00 Doxycycline injection

Vet Fees (December 23rd; Follow-up):

$34.00 Doxycycline injection

Vet Fees (December 30th; Final Check-up):

$34.00 Doxycycline injection

$40.00 Exam fee

$74.00 Total

Total Treatment Cost for Respiratory Infection: $288.71 USD

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