Mr. Bender Turns One! [Video]

Mr. Bender has finally reached the ripe old age of one! Happy birthday, Mr. Bender!!

Mr. Bender, my pet rat, in his birthday best!

Although we aren't 100% sure when Mr. Bender's birthday is, we made a best guess. Mr. Bender was an adoptee from Craigslist and it makes me happy that he has been so happy with us!

For his birthday, everyone got a hot breakfast. Today they had warmed baby food, mixed with some dry baby cereal, and almond slivers. It was really cold that morning, so it was an extra special treat. After dinner, we all celebrated with a peanut butter cookie. To top the night off, Mr. Bender and the gang got a brand new double pocket hammock I made them!

I was so excited to find them laying in their hammock a couple of days later. I try to sneak in when I come home from work so they don't all jump out before I get to watch them napping!

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